[11/10/2020]Series of Events !

Information regarding the up-coming events will be posted here.
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[11/10/2020]Series of Events !

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Hi Guys

This is after a long time we are conducting some announced events, i 'd rather say it as a lately announced event, cos it was decided at the last moment.

This sunday from 4:00pm to 7:00pm will be having a bunch of events starting with

1) PK Points event: This event is for players of Rb 13 so that they can earn some Pk points ingame,

Event Map: Will be announced in game at the time of event
(Note: Bonus Map will be started manually during this time for players below rb 12)

2)GMMonster Event: This event is for players of all RB, One of Our GM will be transformed to a monster with goodies within him, you ll have to kill him to acquire the goodies.

Event Map: Will be announced in game at the time of event

3)Last Man Standing Event: This is a PvP event which will be Rb based. (Rb 0 to 12) and (Rb 13 and 14). This event takes place in Arena Room (Teleporting from town teleporter, Kinstone and Linsen)
Portal Opens at 5:30 and will be open till 5:32 i.e for 2 min ONLY. Once the portal closes, no more players will be allowed to enter the map. Pk will be enabled once the portal is closed.
In the map , Dex will act as a regular weapon, Party will not be allowed, Tp will be disabled and MP and HP candies will be disabled
You ll have to Pk all in the map and be the LAST MAN STADING in the map to win

4) Nevia War: This is a regular town war which takes place in Nevia Canyon.

So buckle up and get ready ;)

Reward for LMS will be 5 GOS
Lower RB Character Bracket will get 3 GOS
Note:- Rewards should be collected after event from GameMaster

5) Tower of Desire: This event will be conducted in the morning at 11:30am. Please follow this link -> http://forum.a3elements.in/viewtopic.ph ... 9389#p5527<- for event details.


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